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What if you were told that you could visit any place on earth but yet you only had 48 hours to enjoy it. For one where would you go and why? I think if that question came down to me I’d make my 48 hours in Amsterdam count. I get that two days doesn’t seem like much time to get out there and enjoy yourself but in reality, it is. Even if it is just a thought at the moment I think you’ll soon be planning on making your way to Amsterdam so you can get some real action.

Just imagine having a full two days to explore the red light district. You might be very bold and decide that a few of those precious hours are going to be spent getting an erotic massage Amsterdam. I think I’d totally go for that and for good reason. If I could get full pleasure even for half an hour the happy ending at the end of it would be worth its weight in gold.

I feel like people put too much weight on their shoulders. They take up way too much responsibility and in turn, they just don’t know how to let their hair down and have fun. Do I think it’s their fault? not at all. I just feel like no matter what we’ve all got time to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures, you just have to make it happen. This is the time that you can either be the man you want or you can continue to wish that you had the balls to make the change and put yourself first.

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